While many children tend to be indoors more than they used to in the past, most young children will be drawn to play outside when they see a playground. However, there are also many kids that get hurt when they play in a playground that is in poor repair. If you have a playground in your backyard, what should you do to keep it as a safe place for your children?

You should be able to find safety guidelines for how the equipment should be installed to be safe. If there are swings, they need to be at least 24 inches apart to keep from slamming into each other, sending the children flying. They should also be 30 inches away from the frame.

Any equipment with moving parts should be checked for pinching points where a child might get a finger or a limb crushed. This is especially important with teeter-totters and similar equipment.

Having the playground covered with sand or other soft material is also a safety precaution.

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