Lead Paint Inspections in the Bandera, San Antonio, TX area

Veteran Home Inspections® is certified to conduct Lead-Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments in Texas (Licenses #2060919, 2110640, 2060923, & 2071102). Both HUD, and Veteran Home Inspections® highly recommend lead paint testing before purchasing or renting a home built prior to 1978. We offer XRF inspections at a very reasonable cost.

Don’t fall for the low bidders offering you a simple dust wipe or chemical swab inspection when you don’t know if your property has lead paint. Many inspectors do not have the XRF technology and training to perform a true lead paint inspection, so they simply offer you a low priced, partial inspection.


For an even more detailed assessment of the lead paint hazards in your home, we can perform a full Risk Assessment. This will not only tell you the location of lead paint in your home, it will assess the hazards associated with lead on the property. Samples will be taken and analyzed from the house as well as the yard to determine if any elevated lead levels are present. After the inspection is completed and the lab results received, we will provide a full report indicating what we discovered and also providing you a plan of action to minimize the risks.


According to the EPA, an inspection and a risk assessment have different goals:

An inspection is a surface-by-surface investigation to determine whether there is lead-based paint in a home or child-occupied facility, and where it is located. Inspections can be legally performed only by certified inspectors or risk assessors. Lead-based paint inspections determine the presence of lead-based paint. It is particularly helpful in determining whether lead-based paint is present prior to purchasing, renting, or renovating a home, and identifying potential sources of lead exposure at any time.

A risk assessment is an on-site investigation to determine the presence, type, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards (including lead hazards in paint, dust, and soil) and provides suggested ways to control them. Risk assessments can be legally performed only by certified risk assessors. Lead-based paint risk assessments are particularly helpful in determining sources of current exposure and in designing possible solutions.

You can also have a combined inspection and risk assessment. With any of these options, the risk assessor or inspector will provide you with a written report of findings.


Are you doing a renovation on a home built prior to 1978? Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we can do a lead paint survey to let you know if and where there is lead-based paint. Instead of relying on expensive, unreliable, chemical swab tests, we can use XRF technology to give you instant, reliable, non-destructive results that you can use in your renovation planning.

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For more information on the Texas Environmental Lead Program, click here.

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