Septic Inspections in the Boerne, San Antonio, Bandera, Kerrville, TX area

Septic systems can be a very scary system for home buyers that don’t understand them. Thankfully, they are actually very simple systems, and when they are properly installed and maintained, they can last a long time. We can not only inspect the system, but provide you with the information needed to properly take care of your system to help prevent early failure.

Veteran Home Inspections offers full pick & shovel inspections on both traditional and aerobic septic systems. This inspection includes locating and opening the tank to inspect all of the visible components. It also includes inspecting the drain fields for traditional systems, and operating the effluent dispersal systems on aerobic systems. We do not need to pump the tank for this inspection, but if you want the tank pumped, that can also be arranged to be done towards the end of our inspection. The tank should not be pumped ahead of time, as we want to see how the system has been maintained and how it is currently operating.

Don’t fall for companies offering dye testing. This type of testing is severely lacking in diagnostic ability. I have personally tested several systems that we knew were defective, yet they passed the dye test without issue. All a dye test does is prove a connection between two points.

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