With the arrival of spring comes the threat of storms. Storm safety and maintenance measures need to be taken before you head into the seasons where they are more likely. There are certain safety measures, which should be taken by you for your as well as your family member’s safety.

Storms can quickly pop up and become very dangerous, so make sure that everyone in the family is familiar with safe routes from school, home, work, or wherever they are. Make sure that your vehicles are in good condition. Always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Make a list and buy all the necessary items, which you and your family will need, in case you are not able to get out of the home for a few days due to dangerous conditions.

Your storm safety and maintenance plan should include a weather radio for your home. Most modern cell phones also have an emergency alert feature, but this relies on the cell networks being operational. Make sure that you are familiar with the frequency of radio stations that provide weather details so that you can tune in to your radio easily when required.

Make a backup plan for all family members. In case people are separated during a storm, which is quite possible during a daytime storm, then you must know about a safe destination, where all of you will get together. Teach your children about emergency numbers and how to dial them. This is very important for their safety, especially if they will be home alone. Keep flashlights and candles in easy to find places. You should also have a supply of batteries for the flashlights that are not used for other purposes, such as toys.

Storm safety and maintenance are also important for your home. If you have roof leaks then get them repaired. Clean rain gutters. Make sure you have weatherproof doors, windows, and shutters. Take a look around outside to make sure you don’t have any trees or tree limbs that could fall and damage your house when high winds hit. You should also keep an eye out for items in the yard that can easily be blown around by the wind. We’ve all seen the pictures of trampolines blown into interesting locations by a storm.

Taking a few minutes now to prepare can help you get through a storm with much less stress and danger. It can also help reduce potential damage to your home or injury to you and your family.

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