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Home Winterization  

by Nick Gromicko, Kenton Shepard, and Mike Marlow  While we here in Texas don't get the frigid winters of our northern neighbors, we do still see colder, and sometimes freezing temperatures.  Even a couple days of cold weather, with...

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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

By Nick Gromicko and Mike Marlow We have a lot of older and historic homes in the area we cover.  Personally, I love inspecting older homes.  Most older homes, if they have been maintained, are better than the new homes we have popping up all...

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FREE Real Estate Agent Online Continuing Education

Attention Texas Real Estate Agents!  Like you, I understand the chore of having to do continuing education.  What's even worse is having to pay someone else to take these courses just to maintain your license.  Because of this, I'm happy to be able...

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