Lead Paint Inspections

Veteran Home Inspections® is certified to conduct Lead-Paint Inspections in Texas (Licenses #2060919 & 2110640). Both HUD, and Veteran Home Inspections® highly recommend lead paint testing before purchasing or renting a home built prior to 1978. We offer XRF inspections at a very reasonable cost.

Don’t fall for the low bidders offering you a simple dust wipe or chemical swab inspection when you don’t know if your property has lead paint. Many inspectors do not have the XRF technology and training to perform a true lead paint inspection, so they simply offer you a low priced, partial inspection.

Doing a renovation?

Are you doing a renovation on a home built prior to 1978? Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we can do a lead paint survey to let you know if and where there is lead-based paint. Instead of relying on expensive, unreliable, chemical swab tests, we can use XRF technology to give you instant, reliable, non-destructive results that you can use in your renovation planning.

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For more information on the Texas Environmental Lead Program, click here.

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