Before You Buy Your Investment Property in the Bandera, San Antonio, TX area


If you’ve decided to invest in real estate but want to know about possible issues with the property, rely on Mike and Jamie at Veteran Home Inspections, serving townships and cities in the San Antonio, TX area. Being investors ourselves, we know the issues that can pop up during a renovation or with a rental property.  With years of experience to draw upon, we will inform you of any problems before you take ownership so you can confidently negotiate for repairs or price adjustments based on the condition of the property.  This inspection can help you avoid those budget busting surprises along the way.

Veteran Home Inspections will come to your location and investigate every visual component of the house, including the:

• Exterior
• Roof
• Electrical
• Attic
• Foundation
• Garage
• Plumbing
• Installed appliances

Once we’re finished, you’ll receive a detailed report that day outlining the condition of everything we inspected as well as identifying safety concerns and areas that need improvement.

Once you have finished your remodel, we can also help you by performing a prelisting Move-In Certified™ Inspection. This will not only help you make sure that your contractors did all that you paid them to do, it will help you avoid last minute negotiations after the buyers have their inspection. 

We can also examine your apartment complex or other tenant property to inform you of any needed repairs. This allows you to protect your investment and save money on maintenance costs by catching minor issues before they become major problems. 

To work with an inspector like us, who keeps you updated throughout the process, trust Veteran Home Inspections of San Antonio, TX.

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