U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Score

Get a Home Energy Score Assessment in Bandera, San Antonio, TX

Have your home energy efficiency analyzed

We are excited to bring San Antonio the U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Score program. One of the often overlooked costs of owning a home is how much it will cost to run it. This program takes a look at your home to identify the factors affecting energy consumption, gives you an estimated cost of that energy, and then offers suggestions on how to improve your energy efficiency.

What does this give me?

Think of this like a miles-per-gallon rating for vehicles, the Home Energy Score allows homeowners to understand their home's energy efficiency compared to homes nationwide, regardless of location and occupancy. Each Home Energy Score Report provides a list of recommended energy improvements and their estimated cost savings to help take the guesswork out of determining smart and cost-effective investments.
The Home Energy Score Can Tell You:

  • Cost-effective recommendations to reduce the amount of energy your home wastes on inefficiencies The amount of money you could save each year on energy costs by implementing recommended improvements
  • The percentage of carbon dioxide emissions that could be eliminated by implementing recommended improvements
  • Facts about your home's energy systems and estimated energy use
  • Your home's current Score based on its energy systems
  • Your home's Score if all recommended improvements were implemented

What other benefits are there?

If you are buying or refinancing your home: the Home Energy Score can help you qualify for a larger mortgage or more financing options. Click here for more information on how a Home Energy Score can help you qualify for a larger mortgage with The Fannie Mae HomeStyle Energy Mortgage or here for how it can help stretch debt-to-income ratios for FHA Mortgages.
For home sellers: If you complete improvements that increase your home's Score, the Home Energy Score can help express market value for those improvements at time of sale.

How do I get a score?

Simply ask for a Home Energy Score when you order your home inspection. We can also provide these scores as a standalone service. We collect about 40 pieces of data on the house and use the DOE's Home Energy Score calculator to determine the score. You will get a report showing you the score, the information on the house, and the recommendations on how to improve the score (and save money!)