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How to Sell Your Home Faster, with Less Stress

Are you planning to sell a home? If you are, be reminded that home buyers are almost certain to hire a professional home inspector before purchasing your home. The idea is to take a closer look at the house before buying, so that they can be sure the...

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Preventive Maintenance can Save You Big Money

Home repairs can be expensive and some are unavoidable, however they can be even more expensive when they have to be done unexpectedly, such as when a water heater bursts and ruins your carpet and possibly other items. Or maybe you have a leaky roof...

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Home Repair Rip-Offs

by Nick Gromicko and Mike Marlow  Here in Texas, every time we get a hail storm through the area, the shady contractors show up offering to replace your roof.  Additionally, contractors don't have to be licensed except in the larger cities, so...

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